Henry C. Carey

There is only one economist in the world who accurately predicted the current global financial melt-down. He has also consistently provided a positive solution for the immediate rebuilding of the physical economy of the United States and the world. That man is Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and it’s time you asked yourself, “What does he know that every other so-called ‘economist’ doesn’t know?”

A major part of the answer to that question is that LaRouche knows the philosophy and economic science upon which the U.S.A. was founded and how the greatest economist of the 19th century – Henry Charles Carey – collaborated with President Abraham Lincoln to not only defeat the British-backed Confederacy but also transformed the U.S. into the greatest agro-industrial power in human history. These accomplishments were achieved without the failed concepts of Adam Smith’s “free trade” or Karl Marx’s “communism.”

Yet, Henry Carey, the great promoter of the American System of political economy, has been written out of our current text books on history and economics. It is thanks to the efforts of Allen Salisbury, a collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, who remedied that problem with the 1978 publication of his book The Civil War and the American System: America’s Battle with Britain, 1860-1876.

Despite the British efforts to destroy the United States through a Civil War, and the great casualties suffered by the Americans, it was the American System policies of Henry Carey which allowed the nation to quickly recover. The economic recovery was so meteoric that by the time the International Centennial Exhibition of 1876 was held in Philadelphia, London was forced to admit that “we are losing our former leadership and it is passing to the Americans.” At that time, Henry Carey and his industrial collaborators were exporting the philosophy and fruits of the American System – railways, locomotives, and other advanced technologies – to Russia, China, and Ibero-America. Like LaRouche’s proposal today for constructing a Eurasian Landbridge, Henry Carey was then directly challenging the imperial slave and drug economy of the British Empire with his own Landbridge Global Development Plan.

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